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What we do

Longevity Group Australia is a company which designs builds and delivers innovative townhouses & apartments for empty nesters. Our experience in the retirement sector and our appetite for asking questions of our customers, market place and contributors have led  us to create beautiful, future proofed spaces and a unique property solution that satisfies lifestyle aspirations and financial needs of forward thinking empty nesters.

Working with carefully selected experts, Longevity Group  proudly builds homes that are designed to the 16 elements of the ‘Livable Housing Guidelines” creating homes that evolve with their owners – a forever home.

It’s new way of thinking about next stage living, keeping people connected to their communities, living where they want to live and complimenting  their present and future lifestyle.

Our Focus

We’re confident you’ll love your Longevity home right from the start. Their generous proportions, timeless design and enduring build quality will always command a premium, as prime real estate. Know that you’ve made a great financial choice. To achieve this, Avenue Rise is built to Livable Housing Design standards. These sixteen standards improve virtually every aspect of your home. They specify more space in parking areas, lip-free entrances to all areas, non-slip surfaces, user-friendly lever handles, and windows positioned for optimum visibility from seated or standing positions. Reinforced walls in key areas allow for easy and cost-effective alterations.

For the home you will love nowand forever, nothing comes close to a Longevity home.


A timeless solution for empty nesters



We’re confident you’ll love your Longevity home right from the start. However, you may not fully appreciate it for years to come. Subtly woven into our beautiful, contemporary homes and apartments are design elements that make them easier to live in as you age.


Longevity Group Australia designs homes to enable you to keep living in an area you know and love for as long as you choose. Our micro-neighbourhoods offer everything you need to enjoy an active life in comfort, safety and style – now and in the future.


You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong super-structure. That’s why we only work with respected professionals who share our values, objectives and work ethic. Our architects, designers, and builders are dedicated to creating homes you may never have to leave. Their attention to detail, the quality of their workmanship, and their commitment to never cutting corners make Longevity homes as sound as the principles they’re built upon.


Buying a Longevity home is just like buying any other residential property on the open market. The owners retain 100% equity, it’s theirs to sell whenever they please, and they can retain any capital gains.


 Livable Housing Australia

Livable Housing Australia is a partnership between the government, the building industry, and community and consumer groups. Its aim is to have all new Australian homes built according to its Livable Housing Design standards.

Homes built to Livable Housing Design standards are easier to access, navigate, and live in. They also preempt the changing needs of their occupants. If alterations are ever required, they’re easily made and cost-effective. For aging Australians or those who acquire an injury or disability, these standards can enable them to maintain their lifestyle and remain in their own home indefinitely.

We’re one of the rare developers who care enough about our homebuyers to make that commitment. We’re dedicated to building future-proof homes and improving the quality of people’s lives.

The 16 Livable Housing Design standards

The 16 standards improve virtually every aspect of your home. For example, they specify more space in parking areas, step-free entrances and showers, surfaces that are non-slip, user-friendly lever handles for doors and taps, windows positioned for optimum visibility from seated or standing positions, and reinforced walls in key areas to allow for easy and cost-effective alterations.

At present the standards are not compulsory, however, we’re committed to adopting all 16 Livable Housing Design standards in our projects. We therefore take great care at the outset, that when applying these features, they add to the ongoing functional design of the living space, whilst still conforming to the aesthetic beauty of our homes. This avoids the need for costly, unattractive and impractical retrofitting at a later stage.

For more information about the standards and their benefits visit livablehousingaustralia.org.au


Longevity has several projects underway in established suburbs.

Designed for neighbours like you, they represents Longevity Group Australia’s vision to offer boundless new lifestyle opportunities in Melbourne’s most well-established and sought-after communities.

They are all built to the Longevity standard incorporating the Livable Housing Guidelines and depending on the project,  cover spacious townhouse or  apartment living.